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Disclaimer: The responses and answers appearing in this column are the author’s opinion only. The information is not intended as legal advice and does not constitute legal advice of any kind.

Wm. F. (Rick) Watson, former Administrative Law Judge provides candid and practical on-line answers to landlord-tenant questions. Having judged thousands of landlord-tenant reviews and appeals along with property assessment cases, Rick is a recognized expert and will give his opinion about how the Residential Tenancy Act of BC appears to apply to your situation based on his knowledge of the system, his understanding of the law, and his training and experience in judging similar cases.


Rick is available for consultations and provides property management services to select clients. He is also an entertaining speaker and is available to speak to groups, workshops, seminars and web conferences. Rick can be contacted directly through


Most Recent Tenancy Expert Advice

Q: We are tenants of an "executive" home for 1.5 years. We have a small dog, that was included in the contract, and we paid a pet deposit and security deposit on move-in. Our landlord has been very difficult throughout our tenancy - not fixing things when called, not coming to open the pool... more...

A: The Residential Tenancy Branch publishes a Fact Sheet on Condition and Inspection Reports (# 115). This Fact Sheet explains that there should be an inspection report completed at the start of the tenancy and again at the end. Comparing the... more...


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