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Tenancy Problems - Inspection

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- Residential Rental Inspection Report
Q: I am moving into a new apt which I signed a lease for April 01. I am moving in on the 2, but everytime I have asked about filling a Condition Inspection Report, I get no answer. I don't want to get charged for things I have not damaged. What should I do?
A: At the beginning of the tenancy and again at the end, the landlord and tenant are required to inspect the rental unit together and fill out a condition and inspection report Form RTO 27. The report must be signed and dated and each party is to keep a copy.
The right of a landlord to claim for damages against a security deposit or pet damage deposit no longer exists if the landlord does not provide 2 opportunities to complete the form, does not participate, or doesn't complete the report and give the tenant a copy of the report in accordance with the time limit set out.


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