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Tenancy Problems - Moving In

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Q: Hi there,
I am looking to move into a place Jan 1st and I went there today to check out the conditions of the place, although I had already given my security deposit and as requested by my landlord a rent check for dec 22nd, for Jan 1st, which I felt she was illegally asking me for. But I wanted the place, so I did as she asked. Now when I went there it is full of musty urine smells and the carpet has not been cleaned and the place could use an overall cleaning. When I spoke to my new landlord about the smell and such she suggested I go get a steam cleaner to clean to help with the smell. I believe that under the BC law that she is suppose to do this, and not just a half ass job, but a proper cleaning if it's necessary under situation like this one. I don't feel this landlord is being very correct and I'm worried that this may not be the end of her activities. What's the chances of me backing out and getting my security deposit back due to her not wanting to clean and make sure everything is "healthy" before I move in? I am definetly going to have her do a conditions report over all before moving in.. but I guess I feel like i'm going into a bad situation before even getting there. If I find another place in a month lets say, and give 30 days notice.. they would still have to give me back my deposit right? even if i only move for 2 months? okay, sorry for all the ?'s. but thanks in advance for the opportunity to ask them.
A: Yours is a good example of why tenants should check out landlords too. If you'd asked other tenants in the building what it is like to live there, what the landlord is like, is the property well maintained, is there trouble with tenants, noise, repairs, are there lots of claims against security deposits, etc., then you might have saved yourself some trouble, moving costs, heavy lifting, etc.
As for your questions, the rent is due on or before the first day of the month. Insisting on a cheque a week to 10 days ahead of time is a red flag. Now you know what the red flag is for. If you think the landlord is not delivering what you bargained for you could declare it, document it, and probably wind up in arbitration fighting about it. Usually a landlord will prepare an apartment for the next tenant; they generally undertake things like carpet cleaning, painting, cleaning, etc. -at least that's what most of the damage claims are about and if I'm to believe the landlords the costs are very high, which is reflected in the awards they seek.
You can of course negotiate on what needs to be done and who is to pay for it, but the condition and inspection report will be critical to your tenancy and to claims the landlord may make when your tenancy ends. Given what has happened so far, you are best to be prepared for any eventuality.


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