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Tenancy Problems - Responsibilities

Q: Over the weekend I disposed of a loveseat into our building's communal bin. It was able to be placed fully into the bin and did not even take up half the space (there was already garbage in there). Now I am being told 3 days later that I will have to pay for an 'unscheduled pick-up'. I am a tenant of this building. Do I not have the right to get rid of refuse (within reason). This was not a large piece of furniture. Do I have to pay this and should I have not been given the option of having it removed myself before the landlord scheduled an extra pick-up?
A: As you are probably aware, very little in this life is free. For instance, dumpsters aren't free. They cost money, even on a communal basis. I think you are aware of this fine point and that's why you chose to drop your unwanted chair in the communal bin rather than arrange for someone to pick it up and dispose of it - which should also answer your question about exercising your options.
Your landlord is now taking you to task for assuming that you could dispose of unwanted furniture in the communal dumpster, for free, regardless of your observation that it 'did not even take up half the space.'I'm over here with your landlord. I think he has a valid point.
My advice is to offer your landlord something toward the cost of his having to call for an 'unscheduled pick-up', chalk this up to experience, and put it behind you - this really isn't worth arguing about. I encourage you to be magnanimous about this incident because, in the long run, everyone will think more of you - including yourself!


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