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Q: Hello, for the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I would like to rent out my apartment that is downtown. I initially signed a one year lease and am now living here month-month in my third year. I am curious to know if I have the right to do so and how I can go about convincing my landlord to allow me.
If this isn't possible, I was also thinking if simply loaning my apartment to my family members during the games while I left the city. How would the landlord know the difference between the two, and would I even be allowed to loan my apartment to family members?
Please advise to my situation. Thank you kindly.
A: If your question is "Can I rent out my Vancouver / Whistler area apartment to someone, (without my landlord being in on it), or can I give my rental unit over to family and friends during the 2010 Winter Olympic period" then the short answer is 'No'. The Residential Tenancy Act of BC states under section 34 "(1) Unless the landlord consents in writing, a tenant must not assign a tenancy agreement or sublet a rental unit." So, if you intend on loaning out your digs for super dollars during the 2010 Winter Olympic period, you're pretty well hooped. People will naturally try to rent out their apartments, of course, and landlords will go screaming to the Residential Tenancy Office when they learn of this little dodge. Naturally, the RTO is gearing up for a deluge of anticipated complaints and related hearings. I expect that as we get closer to the Olympic period the RTO will post something on their website about this very issue.


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