Tenancy Advice - Breaking a Lease

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Tenancy Problems - Breaking a Lease

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Q: I am going to end my lease early. My landlord told me I can sublet to someone else or break my lease and pay the cost of re-renting to someone else. How does sublet work? What is the procedure? Thanks very much.
A: Sub-letting is where the tenant gives exclusive use of the property over to another person under the terms and conditions he's made with the actual landlord. A tenant can sublet his interest to another with the consent of the landlord, and the landlord can't unreasonably with-hold consent if the term of the agreement is for 6 months or more or if it is for a manufactured home site where the trailer and if the site have different landlords. If the tenant goes ahead and sublets without the landlord's written consent, the landlord can serve a one month Notice to End the tenancy.
If you break the lease and abandon the property you can expect the landlord to pursue you for lost rent, advertising costs, damages, etc. Don't be surprised if the landlord also applies to be awarded all or part of your security deposit too. Landlords get very touchy and remarkably anxious when the rent money stops coming and/or when people contract in a lease to do certain things and then don't do those certain things.


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