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Apartment Types in Greater Vancouver, BC

Although rental units in the Greater Vancouver area my vary depending on type, size, equipment, features and utilities, they all tend to adhere to certain standards.
Generally, most independent apartment units will have a kitchen area that is not separated from the living area by doors and is equipped with a sink, stove and refrigerator. Sometimes, if you’re lucky the suite will include a dishwasher. The bathroom is equipped with a sink, toilet and bathtub with a shower fixture. In smaller bathrooms the bathtub may be replaced with just a shower enclosure. Heating and cold and hot water are usually included in the rent. Air conditioning is NOT provided and generally not needed in Vancouver’s mild climate. Electricity and telephone are also usually not included in the rent. TV cable may or may not be included in the rent depending on the building.

Typical apartment s in the Vancouver area are as follow:

  • Studio (Bachelor) Apartment
    A studio or bachelor apartment is a small one-room apartment with a separate bathroom. The only room serves as a bedroom, dining room and living room, and is usually connected to an open kitchen. This is the most affordable, independent apartment unit with occupancy often limited to one person. This type of apartment is great for students and single persons. In some older, low-rise apartment buildings bachelor suites tend to be quite large.

  • 1 Bedroom Apartment
    A one bedroom apartment consist of a separate bedroom equipped with a built in closet, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Occupancy may often be limited to two people.

  • 2 - 4 Bedroom Apartment
    Two to four bedroom apartments are the same as one a bedroom apartments but with more separate rooms. Apartments with three or more bedrooms are quite rare and expensive in the Vancouver area.

  • Loft
    A loft is usually an open space, except for the bathroom, having high ceilings, large windows and often exposed plumbing pipes and columns. Some have partial walls not reaching the ceiling. A property owner could allow a renter to build walls to create a bedroom.
    Most loft apartments are located in the older, warehouse or commercial buildings of Vancouver Yaletown and Gastown recently converted into, sometimes high end, apartments. There are also a few newer high-rises that have lofts for rent.

  • Penthouse
    A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of an apartment building usually with extra balconies or a roof top deck. Usually considered to be quite luxurious and desirable places to live.

  • Basement Apartment
    Apartment located in the lowest story of a building partially below ground level. Windows and proper ceiling height are enforced by city codes. Common in the Vancouver apartment market.

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