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Ending a Tenancy by Landlord

A landlord can only give notice to end a tenancy for reasons that are allowed by the law. Before a landlord can evict you from your home, he has to follow special procedures. This section explains why and when you can be evicted and the steps that must be followed.

Possible Reasons of Ending a Tenancy (eviction) by the Landlord:

Non-payment of Rent by the Tenant

  • when rent or utility charges are not paid on a due date, the landlord may give you a notice to end your tenancy (effective after 10 days)
  • if you pay your overdue rent within 5 days you are off the hook but
  • if you are three times late paying your rent your landlord can proceed with the eviction
Unreasonable Tenant's Conduct
Landlords may end tenancies (effective after 1 month) for a wide range of misconduct and illegal activities that include but are not limited to the following:
  • excessive damage to the landlord’s property
  • unreasonable disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of others
  • jeopardizing security, safety or physical well-being of another occupants
  • subletting without landlord's consent
  • allowing unreasonable number of occupants in a rental unit

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