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Moving In

For many people moving is a stressful experience but, with some planning, it doesn't have to be. As you've probably heard before, the first thing to do is make a complete checklist. This may sound fairly straight forward but it will ensure that you don't forget something important. Next, of course, you have to pack you things.

The web site has it all . Moving checklists, tips on how to pack various items to avoid breakage, as well as other useful moving information.

Once all your belongings are packed you need to get them to your new home or storage facility and do a final cleaning of your old home to get your damage deposit back. This can be accomplished in two ways: you can move your things and clean the apartment yourself or you can hire someone to do one or both for you. If you choose the latter there are some helpful links below.

Local Moving Companies


Truck Rental Companies

Storage Facilities

Home Cleaning Service

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