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Rental Agreement

The most important document, required by law, when starting your tenancy is the Residential Tenancy Agreement. British Columbia's Residential Tenancy Office promotes their standard form which is fully compliant with the province's requirements however, some landlords use their own forms or written agreements.

What your rental agreement must contain:

  • the correct legal names of landlord and tenant
  • the address of the rental unit
  • the date the tenancy agreement is entered into
  • the address and telephone number of the landlord or his agent
  • the amount of rent payable and when it is due
  • lease terms and duration
  • services and facilities included in the rent
  • the amount of security deposit and/or pet damage deposit if required

What else you should know about your rental agreement:

  • your copy must be given to you within 21 days of signing
  • must be signed and dated by both the landlord and you
  • landlords may require post dated cheques for rent as a term of the tenancy agreement.
  • landlords may require your signed agreement to perform a 'Credit Check'
  • landlords are required to issue receipts for any payment made in cash
  • tenancy agreement can be changed only if both the landlord and you agree to the amendment in writing (with the exception of an allowable rent increase, restrictions of some services and arbitrator's orders).
  • application fees, accepting fees, credit check or other processing fees CANNOT be charged by landlord
  • you may be charged a small deposit for an extra key or garage door opener
  • check for specific restrictions such as no pets, no smoking, no water beds, no redecorating
  • agreement may contain issues like who is responsible for utility costs such as heat and electricity or whether parking is included
  • landlords are not permitted to restrict or charge additional fees for visitors or overnight guests
  • terms of the agreement that conflict with your rights under the Residential Tenancy Act may not be enforceable
  • don't sign anything you don't understand

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