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Visiting Vancouver

When you choose to travel to a new place, you want that city to have it all, beauty, friendly people, great cuisine, good weather, and an array of things to do. If you have chosen to travel to Vancouver, you’re in luck. When visiting Vancouver you will find that we have all of the afore mentioned characteristics and then some. The activities in Vancouver are countless, with something to do for anyone of any age at any time. So whether you are traveling to Vancouver for work, study, or play you will have endless options and be able to see first hand why Vancouver is considered one of the most livable cities in the world.

When visiting Vancouver you will be amazed by our mild climate. Even with our proximity to the beautiful North Shore Mountains, which are just one half hour away, because of this mild climate you can enjoy all of the outdoor activities in Vancouver year round. Name another city that you can find yourself skiing in the morning, canoeing the Pacific Ocean in the afternoon, and watching beautiful fireworks overlooking Sunset Beach in the evening, that’s right you can’t. Vancouver is a city which celebrates diversity. With over 70 different ethnic groups calling Vancouver home, you will be able to sample cuisine from all over the world with a west coast influence. Stanley Park is recognized around the world as one of the great parks of the world, and is Vancouver’s crown jewel when it comes to tourism. With over 400 hectares of hemlock, cedar, and fir trees nestled next to Vancouver’s downtown core, one can forget that they are just minutes from a bustling metropolitan city. Stanley Park also has a seawall that is 8.8 km around and is used by walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, and bikers all year round. Also when visiting Vancouver you will want to pay a visit to one of our many diverse communities such as, Chinatown(the 3rd largest in N.America), Gastown(the oldest part of town) and Granville Island, which has a world renowned fresh food market.

Another factor to consider when visiting Vancouver is where to stay. Vancouver has many world class hotels to choose from as well as smaller, cozier bed & breakfasts. If you plan on visiting Vancouver for a more extended stay, you might want to choose one of the many furnished apartment rentals the city has to offer. With these furnished apartment rentals you can stay by the week or month and they will give you more of a personal feel. So with beautiful sights, great attractions, wonderful food, and supreme accommodation, choosing Vancouver to travel to is a no brainer.



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