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Landlording Problems - Lease Terms

Q: I am a member of a non- profit society that currently is renting out a trailer on the property. Currently there is only a letter of understanding that outlines the conditions of payment that has been in effect for over a year. The tenant has been on the premises for 11 years. The tenant desires to remain on the property and the society would like to enter in to a more formalized agreement. The tenant requested a 2 year term which is acceptable to the society, however, the society would like to increase the rent be from 675 to 750 in the second year. If the tenant agrees can the society set up a lease for a two year period and what form would one use?
I reside in B. C.
A: Like business contracts, loan agreements and hockey contracts, tenancy agreements can be renegotiated. The Residential Tenancy Office has a standard tenancy agreement that can be downloaded. I recommend you use their form if you renegotiate your agreement, or if the original cannot be found. Where a tenancy agreement cannot be produced, this is the one the RTO deems to be in effect. Plus, also, and in addition, as well as furthermore, when push comes to shove and everything winds up on a bureaucrat's desk in Burnaby, they know what to look for and where to find it. When it comes time to present your case to a resolution officer, having all your paperwork nice and neatly organized beats the pants off having them trying to read between the ketchup and coffee stains on a paper napkin come tenancy agreement. I always liked it when litigants presented me with simple and easy to follow information. I get confused easily, as do the bureaucrats now ruling on landlord - tenant disputes. Furthermore, plus, in addition and also, I get suspicions when people insist on giving me an explanation when the facts is what I is after. The African kids thank you for your $20. It makes a difference.


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