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Q: I have kept my tenants security deposit due to them ruining my place. Now i have gotten a resolution forum stating they are wanting double back the security deposit. Ive read online and I guess I was supposed to file a dispute within 15 days.
Can I still ask to keep their deposit even though its past the 15 day mark?
A: There is a very small wrinkle to the double deposit back bit. Section 38 says the landlord has to pony up the deposit monies within 15 days of the end of the tenancy. However, the tenant has to provide, in writing, a forwarding address before everything kicks in. When parties of the first and second part (landlords and tenants) get to playing hardball like this, the devil is in the details. If the tenant got an order for double the deposit back, it is likely that the tenant satisfied the dispute resolution officer (Arbitrator) that he or she did provide the forwarding address in writing, in which case, you being the landlord are hooped. Pay the man. Expensive lesson learned, huh?


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