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Q: I have lived in my bachelor suite in a building since July 1st. I was allowed with permssion from the landlord to have a friend live with me as a co-tenant until the end of October when he moved out.

I have allowed him access to my suite during the day when I am not at home. He still has my spare keys as a non-tenant. I consider him a visitor or guest. He comes in to use the computer or phone in the afternoons but not everyday. Or he will make a dinner, and be there when I get home. Or he will be gone when I get home from work. The landlord says that he must not visit at my suite unless I am there as well and that he must not have the keys to my suite or access to my suite if I am not there during the day. There is nothing in the Tenancy Agreement that I signed for this suite that states that guests may not visit my suite unless I am there too or that I can not allow a guest to have a key to my suite. I talked to an Information Officer at the Residential Tenancy Branch of BC today and she said that under Section 30 of the Act that I was not violating any of the regulations.
A: The Tenancy Branch is giving you correct information. Section 30 of the legislation says (1) A landlord must not restrict access to residential property by (a) the tenant of a rental unit that is part of the residential property, or (b) a person permitted on the residential property by that tenant. Your landlord is not going to like it, but you might want to refer him to this section of the legislation.


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