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Q: I am in a fixed term lease (tenant). The contract I signed stated the house would be for sale during certain periods of the tenancy with the dates stated. I agreed. The house should be off the market as of today until the end of our lease. The owner informed the property management company that she would like to continue of the sale of the house. Is there anything I can do? I thought the lease we signed agreeing to the dates was legally binding. Does the house have to be vacant of myself and my pets for showings? I have done my best to help the owner by having an exceptionally clean place (at my inconvenience).

Thank you
A: A property owner who wants to sell a tenanted property is very wise to work with his tenant(s). Disgruntled tenants can scare off a lot of buyers. Most savvy landlords will bend over backwards to accommodate a tenant in these situations, because the tenant can pull the plug at a momentís notice - meaning that the tenant can get his back up and insist on written notice for when the landlord can come onto the property, for what reasons, etc. Most properties for sale arrange a schedule for viewing. You can even use your powers of persuasion to get yourself some perks along the way. The lease you signed stays in effect even if the property sells - just like if you are a NHL player with the Phoenix Coyotes - some new owner may come along and buy the team, but the players, popcorn vendors, trainers, sales staff and secretaries all remain in place. In a lease situation, the new owner of a tenanted property inherits the tenants. He buys the assets and liabilities, and obligations too!


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