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Tenancy Problems - Rent Increase

Q: I am a tenant that lives on one side of a duplex house. This house has only one address (legally),with two separate dwellings (not legally)". Both dwellings have separate hydro boxes, separate everything!, now here's the question. I have been here for about a year and a half now, and two different tenants has moved in and out next door. The last tenants that were there next door left the place a mess and pretty much wrecked the place up. My landlord has been doing renovations and fixing it all up, then got a surprise from the landlord when he came over for the rent, he handed me a rental increase for all the work he has done for the other side of this duplex. Now I just need to know if he can do that? PS. he has not supplied no paint here, has done no work or renovations here. I have added on work around the shop out side etc, it also took him 6 months to replace a leaky gas stove. So I do need to know if he can increase my rent?
A: Sections 22 & 23 of the Regulations cover the details of rent increases - and there are many. Schedule 6 shows in simple form how and when an increase can apply.
The landlord can only increase the rent once a year even if he is a new landlord; the landlord must give at least 3 months written notice, and must use RTO Form 7. The annual allowable rent increase is based on a mathematical calculation that involves the rate of inflation and a set percentage. If the landlord has completed significant repairs or renovations to the residential property in which the rental unit is located he can ask an Arbitrator for an additional rent increase. There is also a wrinkle I've mentioned earlier and it is that if the landlord and tenant agree in writing on a rent increase, no application to an Arbitrator is necessary.


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