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Landlording Problems - Repairs and Maintenance

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Q: Can renter build something into a suite without permission from the landlord? My renter would like to build a built in platform type of bed in the bedroom.

A: You've given the tenant exclusive use of the rental premises but that doesn't mean he can substantially alter the place. Painting walls is one thing - renovations and construction affecting the unit is another thing altogether. While your tenant may be proposing something as simple as a variation of a bunk bed, if he's intending on constructing anything more than that he should first obtain your written consent. When tenants start building platforms and decks the municipal authorities like to come in and have a peek. Oftentimes municipal permits and licenses are required and anything that doesn't meet code can be charged back to the property owner. My advice? Sit down with your tenant and make sure you completely understand what he intends to do. Write things down so there is no confusion.


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