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Tenancy Problems - Utilities

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Q: I have been requested to pay 650 for rent and 1/3 utilities.
What I am uncertain about is the amount i should be covering for utilities. Under the BC act, it does not say anything about rules regarding a landlord asking for utilities where the tenant lives in the basement suite of the landlord. My problem is I've never had to pay utilities before above and beyond a set rent agreement. When speaking of utilities this is just covering hyrdo/heat bill. The main concern is the landlord is of 5 people and there are 2 suites on top of this. I, a single person and someone else who lives in the other suite. I believe that paying 1/3 of utilities is unfair as I am one person and there are many people in the home. Above this I am not receiving laundy access. but everyone else is using the laudry in the home. (which would add extra hydro to the bill) what are my rights or obligations to this requested charge on top of my rent?? thanks.
A: It appears to me that you want to negotiate the utilities portion of your rental agreement. How successful you'll be will be determined by your powers of persuasion. Many landlords include the utilities in the rent, but they also factor this into what they're charging in the first place. In your case it is obviously a separate term and condition. My advice is to negotiate a deal you like or don't do the deal.


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