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Tenancy Problems - Pests / Mold / Smoke

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- Notice to Repair
Q: I have lge ants in my apt in my kitchen. Naturally this is an uncomfortable feeling. There are other suites that have ants and did last year also. Landlord has never brought in pest control of any sort. Ants, as most know are hard to get rid of. Unless the actual nest is destroyed. Well my question is,"Does Landlord have to handle this ant problem, and if so how long do I have to wait for this to actually happen?" I am aware that in my area (Coquitlam) ants are part of the pest-bug control. Please help me understand my rights as a tenant. Ants in my kitchen is just plain disgusting. Also yes my dried food,sugar etc. are and always have been in containers. All in containers unless there tins or jars.
A: The Act says that the landlord must provide and maintain the residential property in a reasonable state of decoration and repair, suitable for occupation by a tenant. Further, the landlord must comply with health, safety and housing standards required by law.
If your argument is that the ants compromise health and housing standards and the landlord isn't maintaining the rental premises in a reasonable state of repair then you could set down your complaints and concerns in writing, give the landlord a copy, and identify in writing how you think the situation can be remedied, when and how. Explain that you are prepared to file for a rent reduction if the problem isn't corrected within a reasonable time.
One of the problems apartment blocks have with infestations is that despite the landlords'best efforts, some tenants simply refuse to allow fumigation to take place in their apartment. Everybody else gets gassed; most of the bugs die, but some live on in the non-fumigated premises. A few months later the bugs reappear and the process starts again. It is frustrating for tenants and landlords alike. It is often inconvenient and unpleasant and the fix is often only temporary because of non-cooperation on the part of a few.


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