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Tenancy Problems - Ending Tenancy by Landlord

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- Notice of Termination
Q: We recently moved into our townhouse Nov. 21 2005 and my landlord phoned me on the 8th of Feb. 2006 and informed me that she is putting the unit up for sale. She gave me two months notice and informed me that a real estate agent will be by on Feb. 9th. The agent hasn't come by yet. My landlord has given me a written notice that comfirms our phone conversation and that she plans to sell. Where to I stand as a tenant.
A: If you are in a month-to-month tenancy the landlord can move to end your tenancy for non-payment of rent, cause, employment ending such as a caretaker or manager, or for landlord's use, renovation, conversion to strata and/or sale of the property if the purchaser has requested it and all the paperwork is in order. The form the landlord will use is RTO Form - 3, which sets out the details of the ending of the tenancy and how the tenant can dispute it. If and when the landlord issues you a proper notice to end your tenancy you'll have a full and adequate opportunity to state your case in arbitration if you choose. FYI, simply listing a property for sale isn't enough to persuade the Arbitrators I know that a tenant must get pitched out of their home.
If you have a lease then the landlord and any new owner is obliged to fulfill the terms and conditions of the agreement, which means the tenancy doesn't end until the term expires, you mutually agree in writing to end it, someone breaches the agreement, or the tenancy is assigned to someone else, in which case the tenant to whom the tenancy is assigned takes over all the rights and responsibilities of the person who assigned it. By the way, if the 'written notice' your landlord has given isn't set out on an RTO Form - 1 then it isn't worth the paper she's written it on.


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