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Landlording Problems - Rooms / Shared Housing

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Q: I have a very strange situation. I live ( Own/parents own ) a 3 bedroom condo. I have 1 roommate who is renting a bedroom. He and I are good friends, but he seems to like having his girlfriend stay over everynight. His Girlfriend has been living with us (Sleeping in his room) 7 day's a week, sometimes she stays at her apartment but that's very rare. His girlfriend does not contribute towards any utilities or take out trash clean ect..... She's become so comfortable at my condo, that she's having her own company ( Recently had 4 guest's sleep all over the living room ). Iam really at a loss because i do no know what to do, in a sense i feel sorry for her, but at the same time i'am hell shocked that she was not offered or contributed towards anything, and she showers, washes clothes, eats, cooks in this condo. Is this legal???? If she would chip in or show appreication, i would not be very concerned about this, but she is a complete freeloader. My roommate still say's she is his guest. What do i have to do to get her out of here!
A: What you'll likely have to do to get your roommate's 'guest' out is up your calcium intake substantially. Increased calcium intake will assist in the development of your spine. When you've developed the spinal wherewithal you can sit down with your roommate and mention in passing that his 'guest' is a freeloader who doesn't chip in or show appreciation, and you're being taken advantage of left, right and center. Then lay down the law - it's your condo, or at least you are responsible for it. The consequences of this little tete-a-tete may be a lost friendship. On the other hand, if you "would not be very concerned about this is she would chip in or show appreciation" you might mention this in your tete-a-tete in which case you'll probably get a little appreciation for a while and maybe even a contribution to the heating bill and grocery funds. Me? I'd go for the increase in calcium intake.


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