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Q: Is there any difference between renting a partially furnished house or unfurnished house as far as the tenancy act is considered? I intend to leave afew big peices of furniture in my house for the prospective tenants rather than have them in storage.
A: The Residential Tenancy Act of BC deals with residential agreements. What people put in these agreements is basically up to them. Unconscionable terms and conditions will be struck down, but it is not uncommon to find agreements where the premises are semi-furnished or otherwise. If you?re intending to leave furniture in place for the tenants, then I strongly suggest you identify so in the rental agreement. Otherwise, a hostile and ingenious tenant could come back on you at a later time with an action for loss of use of a facility or service, seeking a rent reduction because he is effectively storing your furniture in his home and is unable to use that part of the premises.


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