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Landlording Problems - Responsibilities

Q: My question relates to the division of labor between landlord and tenant regarding (1) lawn mowing and (2) plant trimming. My tenant has a suite with a backyard reserved for her exclusive use. Are (1) and (2) determined by agreement or provided for under the act? If no agreement was made at the time the lease was signed, then do you have any advice regarding an equitable distribution of labor. Thanking you in advance.
A: RTO Form 1 is the standard residential tenancy agreement for the Province of BC. This form lists everything that the RTB recognizes as being required in an agreement, and then some.
Obvious things like payment of rent, amounts, and terms of the tenancy agreement are included. Ample space is provided in the form for details of agreed upon terms and provisions the parties make themselves - like laundry times, parking, garbage, maintenance of common areas, who cuts the lawn and with what, how often, etc.
If you, as the landlord, didn't make specific arrangements or document in your agreement who is responsible for horticultural duties then you?re it, and she ain't. You can amend the agreement if your tenant agrees but aside from keeping the place in a reasonable state of condition and repair suitable for habitation, and not in obvious violation of health and safety standards, then your tenant has no contractual obligation to be out there trimming hedges and pruning roses.
My advice is to approach your tenant and see if she is interested in adding yard duties to the terms and provisions of her tenancy agreement.


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