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Landlording Problems - Selling Tenanted Suite

Q: As a landlord I currently rent (on a monthly basis) our house in BC. I have advised the tenant by letter that we intend to sell the house (three weeks ago) and that the real estate agent will be in contact with him to arrange suitabe schedules for showing. A cursurary view made by the Agent from the outside (through the windows) concludes that the inside of the home is not suitable for showing (laundry on floor, dirty dishes on counters, etc etc) and refuses to show the house based upon this assessment. The tenant is not responding to our phone call inquiries about this (clean up for showing) or arranging a schedule for showing. The tenant is aware that we want to communicate (through a third party) but is not responding to the clean up request, establishing communication request, and scheduling request. It is our opinion that the tenant does not want to cooperate. What are our best courses of action and/or remedies under the act?
A: The long and the short of this one is that the tenant isn't obliged to take an active role in your attempts to sell the property, nor is he obliged to clean it up for showing to prospective buyers. While you can ask for a schedule to show the property the tenant isn't really under any compunction to accept it. If he isn't cooperative the written 24 hour notice and 8 AM to 9 PM rule kicks in. Your tenant's housekeeping habits and disregard for your interests are likely going to cost you financially and will probably turn off and scare off quite a few potential buyers. Kinda' makes you think that you shoulda' followed rule number 1, doesn't it?
For a longer version of what I've just said you can read the RTB Fact Sheet on Selling a Tenanted Property found at


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