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Landlording Problems - Interview

Q: We have a young unmarried couple interested in renting our home and he has requested that only his name be on the rental agreement. As she has the best job I thought both should be named. Is this an important issue and is there a downside for us?
A: Someone living in a rental premise that is not named in the rental agreement is nevertheless recognized as an 'occupant', and, as such, has both recognized rights and obligations. (The RTO website carries a specific reference in its Publications section on occupants). I suspect that you are a landlord, and are primarily concerned about the couples' ability to pay the rent on time and in full, in which case a crdit check and reference check will go a long way to allying your concern. A significant downside in not having everybody signed on as a party to the agreement is that when things go haywire, as they sometimes do, the un-named occupants can become difficult to locate, especially where money is due and payable.


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