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Landlording Problems - Renting to Minors

Q: What is the legal age for a tenant to enter into a rental contract? If I am renting a place to a person under 18, do I need to sign the contract with the parent/guardian instead?
Thank you.
A: I've had this question before so I checked with a Judge about it. He told me that the technical age for holding people responsible in contracts in BC is 19 years of age. He also said that persons under 19 could always contract for 'necessities', of which he thought housing would certainly be included. The Residential Tenancy rules and regulations that came into force on January 1, 2004 specifically recognize that persons under 19 can enter tenancy agreements on their own.
Many landlords prefer to include an adult in the tenancy agreement where the premises are being occupied by a minor, if only to avoid problems later on or to provide the landlord with a sense of security.


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