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Landlording Problems - Drug Use / Grow Ups

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- Notice of Termination / Eviction
Q: I just took over as property manager/ apartment manager and have found that there is one suite that houses a women who is known for doing and deeling in drugs. I have had over a dozen verbal complaints, and finally one in writing that claims they on different occasions have wittnessed her: ONE: buying drugs with-in a block of the apartment building and bringing them into the building, TWO: smoking "pot" beside her car in the apartment parking lot, THREE: could smell the smell of "Pot" from her apartment. I have heard people buzz up saying things like : I have the money... Do you have a gram now? and: do ya wanna smoke one?

What are my rights... Can I evict her? This is suppose to be a family building... There are 23 suites in this building and children who are housed here and play here at our play ground. Our children do not need people like this that could influence them...
A: If you believe you have 'cause'to evict the tenant you must issue her a notice to end the tenancy on RTO Form 3. You must cite one or several of the grounds found under section 47 of the Act and be prepared to prove it before an Arbitrator. If you issue the notice the tenant has the right to dispute within the time lines set out, which means you'll be off to arbitration with your evidence and she'll be there with hers.
You indicate that you only have one written complaint at this point. I think it is unlikely that this alone will satisfy an Arbitrator that this tenancy must end. Before an Arbitrator will throw somebody out of his or her home they generally want to see much more detail and a higher standard of proof.
Your oral evidence might bolster your case a bit. Police reports, eyewitness accounts, video tape, documentation, etc. can also be helpful in cases like these.


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